With influences as diverse as Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Simon and Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aerosmith and Nirvana, The Ram Raid's music is difficult to pigeon-hole, so I asked them straight: "How would you describe your music?"

The response: "Hard-hitting alternative energetic riff-based harmonious rock with a dash of funk and groove"

The Ram Raid story kicked off in November 2007 when the Jackson brothers, Sean and Jim, returned from Spain where they had been working as musicians for two and a half years, to their home in Grimsby – with the single goal of building a great band and touring the world.

The Ram Raid comprised Sean Jackson: guitar and lead vocals, Jim Jackson: drums and vocals, and jazz bass player: Brock Eddows.

Within a week the trio had a set including several of Sean's original songs and were driving around the country in search of gigs.

The effort and enthusiasm paid off as throughout 2008 the band played a steady stream of live dates to gaping mouthed audiences who lapped up The Ram Raid's recipe for rock.

As the workload increased the first in a line of bass player changes occurred, with Kris Edwards replacing Eddows. Soon thereafter they won first the Cleethorpes 'Battle Of The Bands' and then the 'Lloyds Battle of the Bands' contests, confirming them as the region's top band. Crowds flocked to the gigs. The press sat up and took notice.

In the lead-up to Christmas 2008, and following in the footsteps of the Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, The Darkness and Paul Weller, The Ram Raid headed to Chapel Studios to record the Nothing EP.

As the gig schedule accelerated, a new level of commitment was called for. Edwards backed out and what already seemed inevitable to all who knew them took place: the Jacksons' cousin, Tom Arnold, stepped up to join the band. Even before the Jacksons had moved to Spain the three had spent many years jamming together. Sean Jackson and Tom had even played together before in Sativa, a fledgling band which itself built a massive following, selling out venues wherever they played.

The Jackson/Jackson/Arnold line-up proved a hit as The Ram Raid performed across Hungary and Spain. Back in the UK they filled illustrious venues such as Hull's Adelphi, the Manchester Academy 3, the Yardbirds in Grimsby, Carpe Diem in Leeds, and Bristol's The Fleece.

In 2010 saw them playing the 'Jonny Mac Unsigned' concert at The University of Hull, appeared on BBC Radio Humberside's 'Raw Talent' show, Jam Radio's 'Undersound', culminating in a phenomenal live set on BBC Radio Lincolnshire's 'Introducing in Lincolnshire'. During the summer of 2010 The Ram Raid added the winner's trophy from the 'Tattoo Jam' Battle of The Bands to their cabinet, a national competition with over ninety bands. The Ram Raid had built such a following that an album was the obvious next step.

Time between gigs in 2010 was spent converting their Grimsby home into 'The Cave' studios, where they recorded the album Pay To Breathe.

International tour offers came flooding in. The result: an intensive four-month circuit, playing up to twelve gigs a week. By now Arnold had stepped down to be replaced by Jonathon Abe, an exceptional bass player with massive vocal range and the desire to travel. With the void left by Arnold filled, the band departed for France and Switzerland for the next chapter of The Ram Raid story.

The Ram Raid will be back in the studio in June 2012 before heading off in July on a Scandinavian tour. Further European dates are being added for later in the year.

Dave Denyer, April 2012

Cool Words

This Band, The Ram Raid, from Grimsby are rocking it like a diddy wooden horse.

Rufus Hound
(Post on Twitter)

Watching a band called The Ram Raid play in Cranz Montana they are fucking awesome.

Marcus Brigstocke
(Post on Twitter)

...sounding tighter than a facelift, certainly light years ahead of some "world class" bands I have had on my stages who played in front of tens of thousands....The Ram Raid ARE a stadium question..and I look forward to the not too distant future when you will headline some of the major festivals and gigs around the world...faultless, strong, great hooks, you tick all the boxes lads, a record label's goose that lays golden eggs!"

Spike Brookes
(Owner of Trust Events Ltd)



So Here it is. The 100% D.I.Y Album 'Pay To Breathe'! Written, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered, artwork hand drawn at home in their bedrooms by Sean and Jim Jackson. Enjoy!

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